Galileo Med L Chip


Type number: 8N057451

Medical device: Yes

Certificate: CE0123

Hand rail: Yes

External control: Mounted on separate pole

Internal control: Yes

Remote control: No

Frequency (from / to): 5 – 33 Hz

Amplitude (from / to): 0 – +/-5.2 mm

Stroke: 0 – 10.4 mm

Max. acceleration: 27.1 g

Dimensions base unit (L x W x H): 875 x 640 x 140 mm (without hand rail)

Dimensions (L x W): 580 x 370 mm

Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 875 x 710 x 1120mm (with hand rail)

Weight base unit: 47 kg

Total weight: 57 kg

Max. load (body weight): 200 kg

Power consumption: 800 VA

Categorisation: professional

Wobbel function: Yes

Galileo® Smart Coaching: Yes

Hand rail: Attached to base unit, height: 1200 mm

Stand-alone control panel with key switch: Dimensions: Diameter 250 x 1060 mm, Weight: 10 kg

Options: Galileo® RFID